Margaret Schlachter

Coaching and sharing the stories of inspiring women.

Margaret Schlachter’s work helps others weave together inner passions and the external world to create a balanced and aligned life showcased in her unique coaching approach and successful podcast.

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Alignment Coaching

Alignment Coaching weaves your inner passions in sport and life into your external world to create an aligned and passionate life. The life you are stoked to live each day! I offer one-on-one sessions to help you reach your sport and life goals while keeping it all in balance.

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Margaret was with us at our first Spartan Race where very few women competed, she paved the way for countless women to become Spartans—she is the Amelia Earhart of Spartan Obstacle Racing!”

Joe De Sena – Founder of Spartan Race

“It is easy to describe Margaret as an upbeat, encouraging, and knowledgeable coach. Her relation skills with all of the players, and I especially, are incredible. I jumped at the opportunity to participate at a national level, with Margaret as my coach. Our team went undefeated, undoubtedly because of strong leadership.”

Kate K.

Dirt in Your Skirt

downloadFind all of Margaret’s work on her website Dirt in Your Skirt. First founded in 2011, Dirt in Your Skirt was the first website dedicated to women in obstacle course racing. Throughout the years the website has grown from a personal endeavor to industry site. Today it showcases inspiring women and their stories in and out of sport.

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