Margaret Schlachter

Coaching and sharing the stories of inspiring women.

Margaret Schlachter’s work helps others weave together inner passions and the external world to create a balanced and aligned life showcased in her unique coaching approach and successful podcast.

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Alignment Coaching

Alignment Coaching weaves your inner passions in sport and life into your external world to create an aligned and passionate life. The life you are stoked to live each day! I offer one-on-one sessions to help you reach your sport and life goals while keeping it all in balance.

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I offer specialized business coaching to help align your business and your values or help you create a brand that authentically reflects your goals for business inquiries

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Is your conference or corporation looking for a different type of speaker? Are you looking for something outside of the norm to invigorate and ignite a crowd?

Margaret is a DOER. Her message has inspired tens of thousands of men and women to change their life, not with a BS set of buzzwords but actions. Her no holds bar style uses her own experiences to help ignite passion in business and personal lives.

Her speaking topics include:

Why Being Busy is Bullsh*t

Creating Alignment in your work/family life while going after your dreams

Living a Present Life: Meditating Your Way Through the Day

Why You Don’t Need to Make Six Figures to be Happy

Creating a Job when it Doesn’t Exist Yet

You Don’t Need to Ask for Permission




The reason you want to work with Margaret over anyone else is that she will help you find your why. I was dissatisfied with the direction my podcast was going. With just a few questions, she was able to get to the heart of why I started podcasting, and help me rebrand to something I’m excited about again. Margaret’s insight cut right to the core of my podcast and made the best parts of it shine.”


Chrisella Herzog, Founder WhiteHat Media

“My experiences with Margaret have taught me to always believe in myself and keep pushing forward. No Matter where you come from, all you have to do is set your mind to something and go. When things get hard, and success is looking like a long shot, you have to trust in your abilities and commit. She always told me at the start to recite my three C’s: calm, cool, collected. I still recite them to this day when I’m in a stressful situation at work or in life. It continually brings me success and confidence. Margaret’s lessons have carried me very far and thanks to her, I have accomplished goals I once never thought possible.”


Kelly A.

Dirt in Your Skirt

downloadFind all of Margaret’s work on her website Dirt in Your Skirt. First founded in 2011, Dirt in Your Skirt was the first website dedicated to women in obstacle course racing. Throughout the years the website has grown from a personal endeavor to industry site. Today it showcases inspiring women and their stories in and out of sport.

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